Commissioned and Created Artwork

I don’t consider myself an artist by profession, but from time to time I commission work for others.  If you are interested in commissioning any work from me, please fill out this contact form.

All works created are custom and one of a kind.
You can also see more samples of my work, pictures of my cat, and pictures of some of the most beautiful places I’ve found in Maryland on my Instagram.

For residents of Baltimore, Washington DC, the Greater Annapolis Area, and select residents of Virginia, murals may be commissioned as well.  Prices vary depending on the specifics of the project.

All commissions (including murals) requested by nonprofits or educational facilities will be done for the cost of supplies and transportation only.  I do not collect any profit on volunteer artwork.

All canvas paintings are done in acrylic, paints used for murals are discussed on a case by case basis with the customer’s preference in mind.

Recently I made my fiancée a custom Harry Potter wand with a cat whisker core, complete with wand box, letters from Hogwarts, and candy from the Harry Potter Series.  If you’d like a custom wand, contact me to discuss price. The price will vary depending on your specifications (such as if you only want a wand vs. if you also want the letters, the box, etc), but will not exceed $80 for the full package (everything minus the map of Hogwarts).

The wand pictured is not for sale, and is just an example.

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